Jewelry Care

Proper care of your jewelry will insure that it retains its value with minimal wear and tear; easily becoming a keepsake or heirloom, passed on from generation to generation.

Cleaning Your Jewelry

The simplest way to clean most jewelry is with warm soapy water and a soft brush.

Things to note when self cleaning:

      • Do not use soap and water with gold jewelry. Doing this will leave behind an unattractive film on your jewelry.
      • Do not use brushes on Karina Ariana’s Shimmering Passions items. Using a brush on these items can cause damage to the dancing stone setting.
      • Do not use store bought jewelry cleaning solutions on any Karina Ariana jewelry.
      • Do not boil your jewelry, this can result in burnt jewelry. The stove is no place for jewelry!

For proper cleaning and to insure your jewelry’s’ quality stays intact, see your nearest jeweler.

Storing Your Jewelry

Ideally, you want to store your jewelry in a manner in which the individual pieces do not come in contact with one another.

            • Store chains and necklaces separately to prevent tangling. Hanging on hooks or storing in individual bags/pouches is ideal.
            • Store earring pairs separately by either tissue paper or individual bags/pouches.
            • Individually wrapping items in tissue paper or using lined boxes, bags or pouches will insure your jewelry looks new for longer.
            • Refrain from carrying your jewelry loose in your purse or other traveling case.

Tips of the Trade

Avoid drastic temperature changes. Hot/cold temperatures can cause damage to the metals’ appearance as well as cause damage to gemstones. Damage to gemstones can be as severe as a cracked stone from damage caused by temperature.

          • Inspect your jewelry before wearing. Most items are lost or broken due to a minor cause that can easily be avoided with a quick inspection. Check clasps, connecting rings and stress points/joints.
          • Refrain from wearing your jewelry while swimming, bathing/showering or sleeping.
          • Avoid salt water and harsh chemicals such as Bleach, Chlorine and Detergents.
          • Wear your jewelry last! Perfumes, hairsprays and perspiration can cause a dullness in the metals appearance, if not cleaned regularly.