Ring Size Guide

KarinaAriana.com makes it simple to order a ring in the proper size.

Here are a few steps to make your measurement more accurate:

  • When measuring, keep in mind that each finger could have a different size, so don't presume that a ring that fits your left ring finger will also fit your right ring finger.
  • Measure when your hands are warm, not cold.
  • Make sure the measurement you choose easily fits over your knuckle.

How to find your ring size:

  • Download our PRINTABLE RING SIZER. It offers three accurate measuring techniques to determine your ring size or the ring size of a loved one. (Adobe Acrobat Reader or a similar PDF reader is required to view our ring sizer. Please visit Adobe.com to download the free software.)

  • For a sure fit, stop by a jewelry store near you and ask them to measure your ring size. Many will do it quickly, easily and at no charge.