Ember Sunflower Ring

$ 119.00

Product sku: KAR-B207Y

The combination of a sparkling center and rich ember tones make this sunflower a delightful addition to any look. The ring glows with a beautifully detailed finish and a halo of textured petals that captures the charm of real sunflowers.
  • Passion: Ember Passions
  • Metal: Sterling Silver
  • Yellow Finish: 18K Yellow Gold Finish
  • White Finish: Rhodium Finish
  • Rose Finish: 18K Rose Gold Finish
  • Stones: CZ
  • Ring Width: 1" circumference
  • Weight: 3.3 grams

All measurements are approximate.

The hand crafted techniques and unique chemical process employed in our Ember Passions Collection guarantees that each piece will have a distinctive character. The hand detailing and hand finishing techniques result in slight variations from the photography as shown and no two pieces are exactly ?ʉÛ?ÛÏidentical?ʉÛÓ?.